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ACE ShureShot Controller - v3 Slayer

ShureShot to suit v3 Slayer

ACE ShureShot Controller to suit v3 Slayer

Independent on board 40W Power Supply on every group's control board - providing absolute redundancy over having just one power supplyfor the entire machine.

Features *Uses original Slayer connectors on switches and solenoid valves (24VDC v3 machines only) *On-board pump SSR for optional direct drive of pump (in addition to 24V output for existing relay) *On-board element SSR for optional drive of brew element (connectors for PID & RTD provided on board) *Fuse protection on all outputs *LED indication for all outputs *On board noise suppression for solenoids

Simply connect power, plug in all original Slayer switches and Solenoid Valves and you now have a Chronos controlled Slayer!

Also, with the addition of two jumpers (supplied on the board), it will power / control a complete Slayer Group WITHOUT needing a ShureShot Timer being connected! This is great for when in the unlikely event of a ShureShot Timer failure, you can still operate the machine in it's original manual condition.

We've even added a custom controller and connector for a new hot water switch which features 2 x timed hot water doses as a bonus! We recommend plugging the optional switch into the left group controller and running the output to the Hot Water Solenoid or relay.

This third generation of our Slayer controllers will slash a day install for a 3-Group to just an hour or two!

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$ 480.00$ 380.00

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