ACE Universal ShureShot Control Kit

suits Linea, Cyncra, Generic

The ShureShot Controller was developed by Alcorn Café Engineering.

The project was conceived out of the need to be able to add a simple shot timer to machines that were not offered with an option of a shot timer or the option was not taken up at time of purchase.

From simple shot timer, a dual colour display was added for simple 'good shot' / 'bad shot' recognition, flashing to indicate a shot was nearing completion and then later 4 programmable timers and 3 programmable outputs which adds the ability to drive a brew valve, pump and even a 'bypass valve' using 4 independent programmable timers.

Features include: • Dual Colour Time Display • Timed Shots (shot stopped at pre-set time) • Multiple Brew Pumps • Auto Timed Pre-Infusion (only practical with multiple pumps) • Pump Bypass Valve Output • Auto Pre-Flush • Auto Post-Flush • Auto Cleaning Cycle

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CategoryEspresso Parts, ShureShot, ACE Custom, La Marzocco, Synesso
$ 300.00$ 240.00


ACE ShureShot Features

Cleaning Cycle

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