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We offer a range of preventative maintenance programs for Synesso, La Marzocco, Slayer and Kees van der Western equipment in addition to all traditional espresso machines.

Your coffee and tea brewing equipment are valuable assets to your business. A failure of your equipment can mean loss of income for the day or morning and disruption to your business. This is frustrating to us, as we often find that what may seem like a a major breakdown is more often than not caused by very minor problems - such as a scaled fill level probe - that causes bigger problems. The boiler overfills and steam and / or water enter the electronics or electrical parts of the machine.

ACE Services remove and clean the level probe(s) on both the annual and half-yearly visits. This is one of many small points we address on our check-list but can save you an expensive break-down, loss of revenue and loss of valuable customer loyalty.

Our standard packages include 4 visits annually, all parts and all filtration requirements. We even have packages that include all break-down call-out fees, all labour and all parts - subject to the brand / model / age / condition of your equipment.

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